Physical Therapy in Forest Hills

Physical Therapy in Forest HillsEligio Leyva is a physical therapist located near Forest Hills, New York, and he has more than 10 years of experience specializing in pain management. He works with various medical doctors and he works with chiropractors. Doing this has allowed him to gain knowledge and experience with treating various physical therapy problems for the residents of Forest Hills, NY. Eligio’s clients includes both men and women who want to feel better whether or not they are in the process of recovering from an injury, pregnant women and those who want to get back after having a child.

His clients also include athletes who want to take a different approach to their exercise regime, and patients who suffer with various pain and ailments. His clients appreciate the expertise he possesses. Not only that, but clients enjoy working with him at his Queens’ office, which is convenient to Forest Hills NY.

Eligio is passionate about the services he provides and he is committed to providing the best physical therapy in Forest Hills, and he used physical therapy that is based on evidence. The therapist believes one of the keys to his success is the trust he builds with the people he provides physical therapy to. His main goal is to help his clients become pain free as soon as possible.

Through physical therapy, Eligio helps his patients achieve the quality of life they want, and he helps his patients achieve the best results via supervised physical therapy, as well as exercise programs that can be performed at home, and activity modification. All of these things helps patients become pain free as quickly as possible. The approach he takes also helps patients reduce their chances of encountering any re-occurrences in the future.

Throughout the last decade, Eligio has helped treat various conditions, but it is important to note that if he cannot help address your issue, then he makes referrals to those who can likely help you. Asides from that, he keeps up-to-date with the latest techniques surrounding the physical therapy field. He does this because he wants to make sure he provides only the best physical therapy in Forest Hills for his clients.

Eligio believes using hands-on techniques and patient education are the best ways to get the best results from physical therapy. He has treated many conditions such as simple sprains and strains, as well as serious conditions. Some of these serious conditions have includes post surgical conditions and herniated discs.

Patient privacy is ensured because all of the treatment rooms are closed, and some of the common conditions Eligio treats include shoulder pain, arm pain, neck and lower back pain, as well as elbow pain. Wrist pain, foot pain, ankle pain and hip and knee pain are other common conditions he treats. Not only that, Physical Therapy in Forest Hills treats carpal tunnel syndrome, strains of the spine and sciatica, but these are just a few of the conditions he has treated.

Asides from the above, Eligio specializes in treating injuries due to sports related accidents, as well as accidents that have occurred at work or motor vehicle accidents. His main goal is to deliver the best physical therapy in Forest Hills and his patients already know he provides the best therapy around. He also works with the New York City Board of Education, where he works with kids as a Senior Physical Therapist.