Physical Therapy in Elmhurst

Physical Therapy, Elmhurst Queens NYEligio Levya, PT is a physical therapist in Elmhurst NY. He is one of the community’s few physical therapists in Elmhurst Queens who collaborates closely with doctors who specialize in rehabilitation and physical medicine. Levya also works with chiropractors, and he has built up more than a decade of experience helping patients with pain management issues. He has helped countless clients deal with a variety of medical issues. Eligio’s clients include athletes looking for more effective exercise routines, pregnant women and new mothers who are regaining strength after giving birth, medical patients dealing with various pains and chronic conditions, and all sorts of men and women who want to improve their overall sense of well-being. Levya’s Queens-based office is a convenient stop for clients looking for access to outstanding physical therapy in Elmhurst NY.

Eligio Levya, Physical Therapist, has dedicated himself to delivering the highest possible levels of effective, customized, and evidence-based physical therapy to clients in Elmhurst, New York City, and the boro of Queens. Building a strong bond of trust with patients is both Eligio’s signature service and a significant contributor to the high degree of success he can deliver. Freeing patients from long-term pain and suffering in the fastest, least stressful way possible is his primary goal. Levya believes that physical therapy in Elmhurst Queens helps his patients achieve their best possible quality of life. His most successful techniques include activity modification, at-home exercise and stretching programs, and supervised physical therapy. Under his guidance, many patients have successfully freed themselves from pain and returned to a happy, satisfying lifestyle. Eligio also tailors his services to minimize the risk of later issues or re-occurrence of existing problems.

Levya has experienced a great deal of success in treating a range of problems with his clients over the last 10 years. In the rare case that Eligio is unable to help you make progress towards your goals, he will be happy to refer you to reliable healthcare professionals who may be better able to assist you.

Eligio practices continuous education and study to ensure he remains well-versed in all the latest research-based techniques for physical therapy in Elmhurst Queens. It’s his belief that hands-on physical therapy techniques are the most effective way to help patients, followed closely by patient education. Levya has been able to help patients with problems as simple as strains and sprains and as serious as herniated discs and post-surgical recovery.

All of Levya’s treatment rooms are secure and private to afford patients the greatest possible level of comfort. Conditions with which Levya has extensive experience include: muscle pain and stiffness, joint pain in the knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, upper and lower back pain, neck pain, meniscal injuries in the knee, shoulder impingement and tearing, radiculopathy (pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and strains and sprains of the spine and extremities.

Eligio Levya also helps patients who recovering from traumatic injuries resulting from automotive, workplace, and sports-related accidents.

Eligio’s current goal is to continue to provide the same high level of service and outstanding hands-on therapeutic experience that his patients in Elmhurst NY have been able to take advantage of for over a decade. Physical Therapy in Elmhurst Queens benefits everyone old and young.

Levya is also a Senior Physical Therapist who works with children through the New York City Board of Education.