About us

Total Medical NY, Office introduction

Total Medical NY is a multi-disciplined medical practice which includes medical doctors who specialize in internal medicine, medical doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapists and pain specialists. All patients who are treated at Total Medical NY are evaluated and treated by board certified specialists who have years of experience in their respective fields. Our Rego Park medical office has helped countless individuals with conditions such as the common cold/ flu, diabetes, gout, eczema, thyroid problems, acid reflux, gallstones / liver disease (fatty liver), headaches, dizziness, 1st degree and 2nd degree burns, osteoporosis, heart disease, lung disease, COPD, high blood pressure, sinusitis and rheumatic disorders to name a few. Our office also specializes in treating musculoskeletal and neurological conditions including but not limited to: neck and lower back pain, knee and ankle pain, shoulder and elbow pain, arm and leg pain, hand and foot pain, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis of the spine and extremities to name a few. Our practitioners have years of experience treating work related accidents, motor vehicle accidents as well as sports related accidents.

Once you arrive at Total Medical NY you will be welcomed by our warm and friendly staff in our modern state of the art multi-disciplined facility. Our office’s motto is to simply offer unparalleled treatment and diagnosis of injuries/ illnesses in a courteous, compassionate manner. Respect for you and your time are of paramount importance; hence, you will spend more time with the doctor and less time in the waiting room. Our Rego Park medical office utilizes the most effective and research based therapies and diagnostic tools including electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, paraffin bath, trigger point therapy, steroid injections, EMG & NCV testing (neurological studies) and EKG (cardiovascular studies). Routine blood work is also done in the office.

Our Queens office combines both holistic and traditional western medicine, combining the best of both worlds, in order to treat a wide range of conditions / illnesses with the best possible results. Our immediate goal is to decrease symptoms (pain, stiffness, etc) but our ultimate goal is to correct the cause of the problem and teach our patients what caused their problem in the first place. Our board certified specialists in internal medicine, physical medicine & rehabilitation, physical therapy, and pain management have years of experience treating our Queens and New York City neighbors.

The office is located at 93-24 Queens Blvd in Rego Park, New York. It is easily accessible by both train and bus. The office is located on the ground floor so it’s easily accessible for people of all ages and abilities. The office is staffed by highly trained medical personnel, whose responsibility it is to ensure that patients are seen promptly and that their care is managed in a efficient, professional and courteous manner.

Call our Rego Park, Queens office today and find out how our unique approach to patient care can help you in LIVING A HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER TODAY.